Our Current Sermon Series

“Elijah: Expectant, Faithful, and Bold”

Elijah burst onto the scene, demonstrating a life of bold faith and expectant prayer. Always faithful to God and his prophetic calling, he stands as an example to us of the power of earnest, persevering prayer (James 5:17).

Prophet Elijah models a life that trusts God in the most challenging of circumstances. He exhibits a faith that’s stretched almost to the breaking point. And, he demonstrates obedience with a willingness to risk it all. Yet, he’s a human being who’s subject to disappointment and despair.

Come and be a part of each sermon, expecting to be challenged by Elijah’s amazing story and follow his expectant, faithful, bold example.

    †  Sunday, July 30:
        “The Making of a Person of Faith” (1 Kings 17:1–6)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, August 6:
        “Expectant Faith” (1 Kings 17:7–24)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, August 13:
        “Faithful: A Further Test of Faith” (1 Kings 18:1–15)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, August 20:
        “Bold Faith” (1 Kings 18:16–46)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, August 27:
        “Waiting for the Breakthrough” (1 Kings 18:41–46)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, September 3:
        “The Pit of Despair” (1 Kings 19:1–8)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, September 10:
        “The Gentle Whisper” (1 Kings 19:9–18)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, September 17:
        “Amazing Grace” (1 Kings 21:1–29)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, September 24:
        “I Want to Go Out Like Elijah” (2 Kings 2:1–18)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

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