Photo Album of
Our Family Camp Outings
at Spicer Reservoir in 2019

One of our church's summer highlights is Family Camp at Spicer!

Right after church ended, we headed up to the group campground at Spicer Reservoir for our annual family camp outing. This special week of fellowship and fun has been a tradition for many years; it's a highlight for everyone who camps with us.

Many camp the entire week, while others join us for one or two days and nights. Swimming, kayaking, fishing, playing games, campfires, singing, food, and so much more are part of this fun, family experience that you won’t want to miss next year.

Campfires every evening

Laughter, fun, and games

Table games for children of all ages


Water fun

Watch out for the pastors who were hiding their "pastor blasters."

Pastor Jeff’s Favorite Part of Spicer . . . Baptisms

Baptisms are always the highlight of our summer camp.

Watch this video clip of the four who followed the Lord into the water. . .

Click the video's Start arrow to begin watching these four baptisms.

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