All About Big Trees Community Bible Church.

Big Trees refers to our location in the forested beauty of the Sierra Mountains. Big trees, including the Giant Sequoias just up the road, surround us; they're reminiscent of the beauty of God's creation.

Community refers to the fact that we're a non-denominational community of faith that brings together people from many different church backgrounds. We agree on the essentials, allowing freedom in other issues as we seek to maintain fellowship and worship together. Not only are we a community with deep bonds of fellowship with one another, we endeavor to be community-focused on reaching out to meet the needs of our community.

Bible refers to our foundation. We preach and teach the Bible as God's Word and try to apply it to all areas of our lives. You can find our church's core beliefs on this page.

Church reminds us that we are a fellowship committed to Christ, striving to become a local expression of the Body of Christ seeking to glorify God in all we do.