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“The Transforming Power of Good News”

Paul wasn't ashamed of the gospel because it's the power of God that brings salvation while transforming disciples and churches (Romans 1:16). Paul’s presentation of the gospel and its implications in the book of Romans has impacted the church powerfully throughout the ages. It plays prominently in the testimonies of St. Augustine, Martin Luther, and John Wesley. Romans' powerful impact on each theologian led to a church, which was challenged to rise from complacency and become revived and renewed as it returned to the transforming power of the gospel.

Pastor Jeff Syverson

"Romans" was written to a church that faced a society that was largely hostile and opposed to the gospel. It challenged the idolatry and moral standards of the world in which existed, yet it humbly recognized that we all stand in need of the ongoing impact of grace. The gospel brings peace and salvation to both Jews and Gentiles who are justified by grace through faith. The gospel brings hope and meaning to our lives — even in times of persecution and suffering.

Struggling over differing convictions and backgrounds, the church needed to live out the reality of reconciliation — an outgrowth of the gospel of grace, which transforms our minds, hearts, and lives in the most practical of ways.

The gospel, rightly understood, is powerful and transformative. A cruciform life leads to growth in Christ-likeness in the here and now, even as all creation waits for the full revelation of new creation, and as we — God’s children — await the fullness of our eternal inheritance. In the meantime nothing can separate us from God’s love.

"Romans" is a deep, profound book with serious implications for our discipleship. It's Paul at his rhetorical best. We'll take the time to consider its message seriously, in the hope of personally experiencing more of its transforming power.

The Transforming Power of Good News

The Book of Romans

    †  Sunday, April 24:
        “Obedience from Faith” (Romans 1:1–7)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, May 1:
        “Not Ashamed of the Gospel” (Rom. 1:8–17)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, May 8:
        “Real and False Worship” (Rom. 1:18–23)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, May 15:
       “Devastated by Depravity” (Rom. 1:24–32)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, May 22:
       “The Danger of Judging Others” (Rom. 2:1–16)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, May 29:
       “Hypocritical Boasting” (Rom. 2:17–29)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, June 5:
       “God’s Faithfulness Despite Unfaithfulness” (Rom. 3:1–8)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, June 12:
       “Becoming Conscious of Sin” (Rom. 3:9–20)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, June 19:
        “Walking with God” (Micah 6:8)
        Pastor John Detrick’s sermon

    †  Sunday, June 26:
       “The Righteousness of Faith” (Rom. 3:21–31)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, July 3:
       “Abraham: Man of Faith” (Rom. 4:1–8)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon unavailable due to power outage

    †  Sunday, July 10:        . . . Pastor Jeff’s Vacation . . .
       “Praying in God’s Presence” (Colossians 4:2–4)
        Pastor John Detrick’s sermon

    †  Sunday, July 17:
       “Abraham: Father of Us All” (Rom. 4:9–25)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, July 24:
       “Peace with God” (Rom. 5:1–11)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, July 31:
       “The Greatest Demonstration of Love” (Rom. 5:6–11)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, August 7:
       “Grace Overflows” (Rom. 5:12–21)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, August 14:
       “Baptized into Death and Resurrection” (Rom. 6:1–7)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, September 11:
       “United with Him” (Rom. 6:8–14)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, September 18:
       “Slaves to Righteousness” (Rom. 6:15–23)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, September 25:
       “The New Way of the Spirit” (Rom. 7:1–6)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, October 2:
       “The Law and Sin” (Rom. 7:7–13)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, October 9:
       “The Struggle” (Rom. 7:14–25)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, October 16:
       “Life in the Spirit” (Rom. 8:1–8)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, October 23:
       “Flesh or Spirit” (Rom. 8:9–13)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, October 30:
       “Abba, Father” (Rom. 8:14–17)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, November 6:
       “Present Sufferings / Future Glory” (Rom. 8:18–21)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, November 13:
       “Waiting Patiently, Expectantly in Hope” (Rom. 8:22–25)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, November 20:
       “The Most Important Prayer Partners” (Rom. 8:26–27)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, November 27:
       “All Things” (Rom. 8:28–30)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, December 4:
       “More than Conquerors” (Rom. 8:31–39)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

More "Romans" sermon data coming soon, following our "Christmas" sermons that Pastor John Detrick will preach.

    †  Sunday, December 11:
       “The Promise of a King” (Matthew 1:18–24)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, December 18:
       “God Calls, We Respond, He Works” (Luke 1:26–38)
        Pastor John’s sermon (This service will NOT be livestreamed.)

    †  Sunday, December 25 — Christmas:
       “As We Hear God's Good News, Let Us Stand in Awe, Rejoice, and Ponder”
              (Luke 2:1–20)

        Pastor John’s sermon

    †  Sunday, January 1, 2023:
       “What’s New?” (2 Corinthians 5:14–6:1)
        Pastor John’s sermon

    †  Sunday, January 8:
       “Correctly Handling the Word of Truth” (2 Timothy 2:14–19)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, January 15:
       “Devotional Bible Study” (James 1:22–25)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, January 22:
       “Paul’s Driving Burden” (Romans 9:1–5)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, January 29:
       “No! God’s Word Has Not Failed!” (Romans 9:6–29)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, February 5:
       “The Stumbling Stone” (Romans 9:30–33)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, February 12:
       “Everyone Who Calls on the Name of the Lord” (Romans 10:1–13)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, February 19:
       “Beautiful Feet” (Romans 10:14–21)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, February 26:
       “Always a Remnant” (Romans 11:1–12)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, March 12:
       “Grafted In” (Romans 11:13–24)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, March 19:
       “Mercy Upon Mercy” (Romans 11:25–36)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

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