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Hi, I’m Pastor Jeff.

Many people attempt to read through the Bible but get bogged down in Leviticus or Numbers and struggle to understand much that is going on in the Old Testament. We will be spending time in April and May trying to make sense of the Old Testament by looking to some of its key themes. I think you’ll find it helpful in reading and understanding scripture so that you can apply it in life. I hope you’ll join us each week.

My Current Sermon Series

Pastor Jeff's current sermon series

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Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Kids: 5 through 12 years

The Vacation Bible School 2024 invitation


As the school year is about to end, so the long-awaited summer vacation is almost here. That means that our annual Vacation Bible School will soon begin. I want to extend a personal invitation to the children in your household. Our VBS is scheduled for July 8 through 12.

This year’s exciting program theme is “AROUND THE WORLD FOR JESUS.” We’ll all learn much about Jesus through music, crafts, games, skits, stories, and other fun activities. Your kids won’t want to miss it.

We’ll accept preregistration forms online so click the link above to sign up your children.

Share this event on Facebook and Twitter. We hope your child will join us this summer at VBS!

Murphys Life Group

The Murphys Life Group invitation

The Murphys Life Group, which meets once a month at Tammy Walczak’s home (441 Pennsylvania Gulch, Murphys), is reviewing and discussing the book “The Will of God.” Please join this group. For more information or directions call Tammy at 209-417-4603.

Women’s Bible Study

The Women's Bible Study Group's new study topic

Beginning June 6, our church’s Women’s Bible Study Group will begin a new study: “Deepening Your Prayer Life: Approach God with Boldness.” The study, led by Sue Souza, meets at Jan Sabo’s home: 346 Allen Court, Murphys. For more information, talk to Sue (209-419-1489) or Jan (209-559-2709).

The group meets on Thursday mornings, starting at 10:00 a.m., at Jan Sabo’s home: 340 Allen Court in Murphys. Sue Souza, the group’s coordinator, can be reached at 209-419-1489. [See our group’s Web page for details.]

How to give online to BTCBC

To make giving easier in the present environment, we've set up an online giving option.

Please click the link to our giving portal if you'd like to give online.


Our Prayers Are Very Important!

“When Christ ascended into heaven, all He left behind was a prayer meeting. The early Church didn’t have a prayer meeting; the early Church was the prayer meeting.”
— Armin Gesswein, Founder of College of Prayer.

'Upper Room' prayer series image

“Lord, teach us to pray, . . .” — Luke 11:1

For nearly six years, we’ve asked the Lord to “Teach Us to Pray.” We’ve learned much, but it’s time to take what we’ve learned and take it to the next level. After teaching his disciples to pray, Jesus called them to The Upper Room.

They went to the upper room where they joined together constantly in prayer (Acts 1:13–14).

Armin Gesswein wrote: “The Upper Room was Jesus’ master plan, which He masterminded to be the masterpiece and centerpiece of history.”

The book of Acts documents that a church lives in the presence and power of God, experiencing the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. It’s a church born in a prayer meeting and devoted to prayer. Each success and each new challenge brought the disciples back to the upper room to pray. That’s a pattern that we better not miss.

We'll ask the Lord to continue to teach us to pray and build on what we’ve learned. We’ll worship and wait to experience his power and presence, blessing and ministering to each other in prayer, as we intercede. And we'll come with high expectations, eager to create a place where others will come with their needs and concerns, looking forward to finding a venue that overflows with grace and hope.

“God never made anyone who couldn’t pray . . . including you.” Armin Gesswein.

Note: The Upper Room will resume in March.

You can also find my Daily Devotionals on my blog: "Pastor Jeff's Neighborhood."

More of our ministries have found creative ways to meet and/or function. for more information.

The elders and I are eager to serve and help you in any way we can. Feel free to reach out to us with any needs or concerns you may have. Thank you.

I hope you'll join us "indoors" and/or "online" at our Sunday worship services.

Pastor Jeff