Our Current Sermon Series

“Making Sense of the Old Testament…

  Themes that Help Us Read and Understand”

One of the surest paths to growth in the Christian life is found in reading, studying, and applying Scripture to life. I often encourage people to read through the Bible in a systematic way. When challenged to do so, I’ve found that many people have struggled to make sense of what they were reading in the Old Testament.

The goal of this series is to help people make sense of the Old Testament by looking at some of the important themes that are foundational to understanding its plot line. It won’t answer every question or solve every mystery, but the more we understand these themes, the more likely we are to read and understand the Old Testament and know how we can apply it today to our lives in an appropriate way.

Sermon Schedule with Scripture References

    †  Sunday, April 7:
        “Yahweh: The Holy One and His Faithful Love” (Hosea 11:9b; Exodus 34:6–9)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, April 14:
        “Covenant and Promise (Abrahamic Covenant)” (Genesis 17)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, April 21:
        “Covenant and Law (Mosaic Covenant)” (Exod. 19:3–8; 24:1–18)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, April 28:
        » » Special sermon presented by missionary TJ Morris
        TJ’s sermon here

    †  Sunday, May 5:
        “Holy Spaces and Holy Sacrifices” (selections from Leviticus)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, May 12:
        “Blessings, Curses, Exile, and Revival” (Deuteronomy 28)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, May 19:
        “Covenants, Kings, and Kingdoms (Davidic Covenant)” (2 Samuel 7, Psalm 89)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, May 26:
        “Prophets and Kings” (Jeremiah 1)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

    †  Sunday, June 2:
        “Wisdom for Life” (Proverb 1:1–7; Psalm 1)
        Pastor Jeff’s sermon

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